From no given opportunities to a Producer, Artist, Song-writer and DJ, Calvin Mackenzie has independently grown into more than just your average artist. With plenty of talent and a striving, dedicated personality, Calvin Mackenzie is able to achieve anything that he lays down in front of him. Although he comes across to be a hard worker, don’t be fooled by his determination for music and the world around it, because he has a big heart with plenty to offer.

As a child, born in East London, South Africa, Calvin grew up in in your average household that had musical talent from his mother’s side of the family. As soon as Calvin found his feet, he was dancing to any genre of music that came from a speaker. At age 10, Calvin’s family moved to Johannesburg to try make a decent living for themselves and their family of five. There Calvin joined the school choir, started playing the guitar and got accepted into the Drakensburg Boys Choir. Deciding not to join the Drakensburg Boys Choir, Calvin moved on to high school dancing in the school talent show that competed against the rest of the schools in the state/province. In 2009 Calvin attended the college called The Academy of Sound Engineering. However, Calvin was unable to finish his studies due to financial reasons.

Calvin’s musical career took to the sky when his interest grew in the DJ side of the musical industry. Starting in high school, Calvin saved money to by his own portable DJ system and started to DJ at events from weddings, corporate events and clubs. This is where Calvin made his first DJ international impact on the show of MTV’s “My Super Sweet World Class (Nina’s Super Sweet 16 Party)” where he was the DJ for the event.

In 2010 Calvin put the DJ name to the side while he focused on music production. Over the Year he worked on perfecting his sound and grasping the international standards of music production to the point where he could do it within his own bedroom. Gaining experience in the field, Calvin also worked with some up and coming South African artists in a group called “Fresh Money Band”.

November 15, 2011 Calvin Mackenzie released his first single “One Night” in which he composed, wrote, sang and produced himself. Shortly following “One Night”, Calvin broadcasted a video of his multiple genres of work and talents on Youtube. On December the 12, 2011 he released his second single “Got This Beat Pumping” in which he also composed, wrote, sang and produced himself.

Calvin Mackenzie is yet to be a bigger picture in the music industry with amazing talents and striking personality.

There is just something about him that you will enjoy and never forget. So keep an eye out because this is all just an understatement of what Calvin is yet to offer the world.


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